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Liquid Bubbles

Sign Up & Initial Setup

Sign up

  • You can sign up RPAS WILCO on either our website or mobile app.

  • When you look at the signup form, there is an "invitation code" line.

  • This invitation code is for some of our institutional users. Therefore, if you sign up for yourself, please disregard the line.

  • Also, if you have any discount coupons, you can use the coupon on the payment page.


  • Once you successfully Signup, you will receive an email from us to activate your account. Please open up the email and click Activate button.

  • Depending on your email service provider, the activation email sometimes lands on the Spam/Social/Promotion folder. Therefore, please check those folders if you did not receive the activation email right after your Signup.

  • Also, the activation link will expire in 48 hours, and please activate the account immediately after the Signup.

Forgot Password

  • If you forgot your password, you could reset it from the login page."

  • Once you set up the new password, you will receive an email to confirm the new password. This link will expire in 48 hours as well. Therefore, please verify the password immediately after you reset the password.

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